Weekly Insights from Sol Berkoff
Principal at Charleston Capital, Inc.

Modern computing power enables an unprecedented level of data analysis.


Source: Autodesk

Above, is an auto body design created by Autodesk’s Dreamcatcher software.  Autodesk put sensors in a custom race car to measure a variety of stresses in order to create a vehicle to optimally withstand those stresses.  They then fed the data into Dreamcatcher.

The outcome was unexpected.  It looks nothing like a race car.

Most interesting to us at CCM, was that because this race car made mostly left turns, its body was asymmetric.

Properly harnessing modern computing power is helping us challenge long standing ideas.

To us at CCM, it means, if the data takes us there – we need to be willing to take unexpected positions.

We need to be willing to be asymmetric on purpose.