Weekly Insights from Sol Berkoff
Principal at Charleston Capital, Inc.

Every spring, Bank of America (BoA) does a survey of small businesses (link below).  This year, BoA found that in the year ahead, 59% of small businesses expect revenue to increase and that 67% plan to expand their businesses. 
They found that 82% of small businesses have not been negatively impacted by the recently implemented tariffs. 
The National Federation of Independent Businesses is also seeing small business optimism near historic highs (link below).
Main Street America is in great shape.  It might even be a tariff hedge.
But -- because small business finance is broken, only 12% of small businesses intend to apply for a loan in the year ahead.
Here at CCM, we are motivated by the idea that 88% of small businesses do not intend to apply for financing.

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Source: Bank of America

We are working hard to Fix a Market Failure and fill the funding gap on Main Street.
We are trying to reach the 88%.